I simply can't say enough about this magically gorgeous island. It is officially my favorite surf haven. My best friend Cristina and I escaped the cold New York winter for 7 days in paradise via an amazing Jet blue flight deal ($239 RT BGI to JFK). Jet blue now makes weekly flights between Barbados and New York City. Make sure to sign up for Jet Blue's email list so you can receive notification of their deals as soon as they are released. 

My priced Itinerary

  • Transportation from the airport to the apartment was $1 via the public bus that stops in the coca cola hut right outside of the airport.
  • Lodging found via Airbnb at $50/night in Christ Church area.
  • Excursions: Snorkeling (free with your own pair), Surf board rentals ($15/day), Scuba diving course ($100/person), site seeing (free- thank you Adrian!! or via $1 vans (highly recommended over taxis)).
  • Restaurants are pricey but comparable to prices in New York City and groceries are more expensive due to many imported items so we spent the majority of our budget on food. Cheaper meal options were found at fast food places like Chefette (their version of McDonald's) , the doubles cart in the Quayside Centre, and the famous Cuz's fish Shack. 

My Surf Spots - board rentals with Christian Boos (he is awesome!)

  • Freights Bay (my favorite! and great for beginners) The turtles swimming around you is the best part. 
  • Dover beach (great for beginners)
  • Drill Hall (advanced to intermediate)
  • South point (advanced to intermediate)
  • Soup bowl (they say intermediate to advanced but I felt it was advanced)